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Marie and Darrel are great people and get the job done. They always have a nice selection of pre-owned vehicles and I couldn't be happier with the service I received and the vehicle I left with.
Oct 8 2016
Reviewed by Brian
Great Customer Service
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I pass by Deacon Jones of Fayetteville, off of Raeford Road, almost every day on my way into work. I have always noticed the vast array of cars they have on the lot. One day I decided to stop and take a leisurely walk around the lot. I had been on the lot for about 5 minutes or so, and I was greeted by Marie. She walked and talked with me for about 5 to 10 minutes, asking some questions and answering some I had. I explained I was just browsing and not looking to make a purchase on that day. We walked and talked for about 5 more minutes. As we departed ways, she thanked me for stopping by, said for me to take my time and if I had any more questions she would be in the office. The conversation was very causal and I was quite pleased with the entire experience. After a couple of months, I returned with a friend and I purchased a vehicle. My friend and I spent a good part of an afternoon looking at different vehicles and going on test drives, until I decided which one it would be. She worked with me, well mainly my friend, to get the payments I was comfortable with. Also, Marie and Darrel stayed almost an hour after closing making sure everything was in order. I had let Marie know I had been looking around and I had decided to come back to that establishment because of her.
Oct 1 2016
Reviewed by Lonnie Q.
I can definitely tell you my experience with deacon Jones in fayetteville was the best. They will work with you in financing any car you choose and have the best customer service you can ever deal with. I was a two or three day process with me, but they was patience with me through the whole way and really look out for you. Once I actually went there in person they was very great in answering any questions and wasn't there very long. It was one min in and the next I'm out in no time. They are very accurate in telling you what's wrong with the car or tell you all the cool features of the car. I have to say they get the job DONE!!!
Aug 30 2016
Reviewed by Kerrick Moore
We will always choose Deacon!!
We have bought a few vehicles from lots around and it was always a hassle. Either the salesperson was trying to get us to spend more than what we budgeted or the vehicle we actually picked out, they were telling us all about the negatives! Needless to say, we've steered away from those places. We went to Deacon in April of 2016 and they let us choose the vehicle within our budget. They were amazing. No pressure, on our time, they assisted with us getting all of our paperwork needed. We didn't have the best of credit but we had cash, we had a trade in and oh man, they took a chance on us and we haven't missed a single payment yet! If you ever need a second chance, if you need a great amazing buying experience, see Marie or Mondrake. They will not steer you wrong! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this company. If you remember back in the day when customer service meant something and you were treated like family, this is the place. Every time we modify something on the car, whether the tint, or the exhaust, or just adding another sticker, we take it by there and they remember us. We weren't just a dollar sign $, we are a name to them.
Aug 15 2016
Reviewed by Ted and Kristyna Chmielnicki

These guys go above and beyond to satisfy their customers! Thank you Daryl, Marie and Tiffany for your service !
May 29 2016
Reviewed by Scott M.
Love Deacon Jones!!!
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Marie (Store Manager) and Mondrick sales man are both amazing at their jobs! My husband and I went to a bunch of different car dealerships in the Fayetteville area and ended up with nothing in the end. We came to Deacon Jones (off of Rarford Rd) and they were so wonderful and patient and great at finding us both a vehicle that we LOVE! Now we are both going home excited with 2 new cars. I recommend everyone who's looking for a vehicle to come to Deacon Jones off raeford rd in fayetteville and let them help find what you are looking for.
May 13 2016
Reviewed by Jessica
Amazing Experience!
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Message: My experience purchasing a vehicle from you guys was amazing. You gave me the space to look around and decide on what I wanted. Your friendliness was above and beyond other dealerships in the area. Thanks for making this a very enjoyable experience. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
May 13 2016
Reviewed by Shelia Howell
Got the exact car I wanted!
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When all other dealers said no Deacon Jones said yes to a high $ item. Thanks
May 13 2016
Reviewed by Gregory Jones
2013 Jeep Wrangler
Great car buying experience at Deacon Jones in Fayetteville, no pressure, straight shooting and love my 2013 Wrangler Unlimited! Can't say enough about the entire staff!
May 12 2016
Reviewed by Dean Fields
No games and very upfront! LOVED MY EXPERIENCE!
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Mandrick was amazing he was straight forward and didn't play any pushy games. They were all laid back and gave me my space to look on my own. Even the office manager was very down to earth and straight forward. They price matched to the other dealerships on the car I wanted. I stopped in rode around the lot they smiled said Hi but didn't approach me. I loved that they let me look around without bothering me or being extremely pushy compared to most dealerships. All the prices are listed on the cars as well. After other dealerships playing games not giving me a price of a car until they ran my credit and then trying to talk me into a price WAY too high for what I could afford, I was pretty stressed out. Deacon Jones was extremely EASY. They didn't play games they answered all my questions straight forward and dropped the price to the price range matching what I needed. They offered me almost double for my car compared to other dealerships (about 5 in town and Lumberton Honda). The entire process of trading in my car and driving away in the new one was about 3.5 hours. They we're very kind and relaxed. I didn't feel pressured at all or bothered. They left me to myself unless they had a question or I had one. They have a nice waiting room with kids toys which helped having a 4 year old with me. Even the other sales people came and played with my son to keep him happy. The Honda Pilot I got fits to a T the price I wanted and drives amazing. They immediately pulled the car fox report on it too while waiting.Thank you so much for making my car purchase a great experience.
May 2 2016
Reviewed by Jessica Potter
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